Drop Off: Oct. 17,18,19 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Deadline Oct. 19, 2019.
Shipping: Oct. 17,18, 19 Address given upon request. Deadline Oct. 18, 2019.

OPENING RECEPTION NOV. 1, 2019, 6:00 – 8:00PM

SPAACES is thrilled to be kicking off the upcoming season with the second annual group exhibition, The Salon II. This show is modeled after the great success of Le Salon Tout Inclus (The All-Inclusive Exhibit) in 2018, and will be a continued annual, inaugural exhibition.

We are welcoming all Florida artists to participate in this exhibit, regardless of experience, age, professionalism, training, or subject matter. This exhibition celebrates a mix of outsider and professional art together, endorsing equality, inclusivity and affordability in the context of contemporary art.

“The success of last years exhibition was a huge surprise,” says Marianne Chapel, founder of SPAACES.  “The turnout of participants, both artists and collectors, inspired the creation of an annual installment of this kind. By bringing these separate works under one roof again, I aim to curate another thought provoking exhibition that presents viewers with a wide range of art styles to consider, without the hierarchical system often associated with professional art galleries. The reactions from viewers last year was so positive, we expect to have an even wider scale of participation this year.”

Teneé Hart | The Beau Ideal: The Conception of Perfect Beauty 

April 2019

“Tenee’ Hart’s site specific, fiber art installations are something not normally seen in Sarasota. We’re thrilled to be able to represent this kind of artist and installation in our SPAACES gallery and bring the community something exciting, new and unique to talk about.” – Marianne Chapel


Laurie Maves: Salt Life

April 2019

Salt in its natural form is a crystalline mineral, essential for life in general. We are made of salt, we preserve with salt, wars have been fought over salt. We avoid pouring salt in our wounds, we throw it over our shoulder for good luck, while it still inevitably runs within our tears.


SPAACES Kick Off Party!

March  2019





A Community Engaged Group Exhibition:
Truly Valued: Who Am I? 

January 2019

The inspiration behind this exhibition came from the Andrew Edlin Gallery (with permission) in New York, who created, “Et Tu, Art Brute?” in November 2017. 

The curator Jamie sterns writes,  “What defines being an artist today? How does it feel to make art? Who is allowed to participate, and on what terms? This show has a very simple premise; we invited everyone—no matter their background, ability, level of success or anonymity—to contribute an original work of art.” 



Le Salon Tout Inclus: The All Inclusive Exhibition

November 2018

A Social Practice Group Exhibition

Inspired by the Andrew Edlin Gallery’s exhibition, “Et Tu, Art Brute?”in New York. The multi-tier, multi-media exhibition featured 66 local and regional artists of varying experience and medium. It celebrated a mix of outsider and professional art, endorsing equality, inclusivity and affordability in the context of contemporary art.




Elizabeth Sher: Evolving Revolving

April 2018 

A Solo Exhibition


Making Place

April 2018 

A Group Exhibition with Artists:

Curator, Sarah Viviana Valdez
Kieran Castano
Jesica Glas
John Dillard
Erin Hart
Ava Zelkowitz
Andrea Soldner

Bernd Haussmann: On Water

February 2018

A Solo Exhibition



Brittany Watkins: Something to Have

January 2018

A Solo Exhibition


The World Within

December 2017
A Group Exhibition with Artists:

Dee Hood
Dolores Coe
Meg Pierce
Marie Yoho Dorsey

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
November 2017 

A Group Exhibition with Artists:

Selina Roman
Noelle McCleef
Karen Arango

Organic Geometry 

March 2017 

A Group Exhibition with Artists:

Marianne Chapel
Laine Nixon
Cynthia Mason
Jill Taffet